The Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology Center at Yale University is a world-class facility for the analysis of sedimentary rocks and sulfides using the rhenium-osmium (ReOs) isotope system. The facility is housed in 1000+ ft2 of clean lab space which includes two separate, metal-free Picotrace class 100 clean rooms. These spaces were specifically designed for low-blank dissolution, ion chromatographic separation and climate-controlled mass spectrometry. The center houses two Thermo-Fisher multi-collectors; a NeptunePlus and a Triton-Plus, as well as two quadrupole ICP-MS; an Element XR and a TQiCAP. Isotope dilution analytical procedures are in place for Re-Os geochronology, as well as osmium isotope stratigraphy. The department maintains a standard sample preparation facility, which contains saws, a SPEX Shatterbox with multiple dishes, powdering mills and equipment for petrographic thin section preparation. The Rooney Geochronology and Geochemistry Laboratory is a part of the Yale Metals Geochemistry Center, and shares preparatory spaces, pass-throughs and laboratory space with YMGC. The lab is adjacent to the Yale Electron Microprobe and SEM Laborotory, which houses a JEOLHyperprobe electron microprobe.